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Featuring the latest in geolocation and gamification, our apps provide an unparalleled experience for events, schools, places and companies. CrowdJoy is the platform with the power to move people.

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Companies around the world use CrowdJoy to guide audiences to the places that matter. Here's just a few examples of people we have moved.

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Custom Branded App

The barriers to providing your audience with an app that people actually want to use are gone. All types of events and real world places publish their mobile guide on the CrowdJoy platform.

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Simple App Builder

Forward thinking organizations are using CrowdJoy’s simple app builder to make interactive mobile channels for events, schools, venues, and every other place where there’s a lot going on.

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Make Money With Your App

Gone are the days of soliciting sponsors with promises of ‘impressions.' CrowdJoy’s location-based digital marketing software quantifies the impact of mobile advertising dollars and drives foot traffic to sponsored locations.

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Easy-to-Follow Directions

Interactive maps and the CrowdJoy LiveCompass are a savior for attendees wandering in undefined outdoor spaces or indoor venues.

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